Blockchain arrives to ad tech via adChain, based on Ethereum

Ads.txt Plus is in beta and is a blockchain version of the IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt initiative. The company behind is called MetaX, and according to the website, “it takes all of the great functionality in ads.txt and upgrades it’s utility and performance by adding blockchain technology behind it.”

The blockchain firm MetaX is trying to enter the ad tech space, bringing blockchain technology, made on Ethereum (open-source software that utilizes blockchain technology for the development of Decentralized Applications), that wants to make the advertising ecosystem non-fraudulent.

Reported by Martech Today, MetaX first created in June the adChain, with the intention to provide an open and comprehensive record of digital ad transactions, a repository of trusted identities and a mechanism for agreements that implement their terms (“smart contracts”), integrated on header bidding solution using prebid.js. And now the Ads.txt Plus, that can be combined with the adChain.

Here the benefits of adChain

  1. adChain provides a rich data set of impression events that provide end-to-end transparency for all data in the supply chain
  2. The adChain Registry serves as universally decentralized whitelist for non-fraudulent publisher domains
  3. Advertisers and publishers have a comprehensive audit trail for everything related to a campaign (e.g. participants, media, and placements)
  4. Advertisers maintain control over 1st party data
  5. Fraud can be identified and blacklisted in real time
  6. Compliments existing safety vendors and fraud prevention solutions by providing secure and comprehensive data
  7. Impression data is stored on Ethereum forever and remains immutable

Hiring: getting credibility and knowledge

In October, MetaX hired Alanna Gombert as the Global CRO. Gombert was the former IAB Tech Lab GM and is now bringing her knowledge from the advertising industry to the MetaX/adChain blockchain initiative. She is overseeing product creation and strategy of open source initiatives and is reporting to MetaX Founder and CEO Ken Brook.