Cloudflare opens a new data center in Lagos

Cloudflare this week opened a new data center in Lagos, Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. This is the one hundred fifty-fifth data center of Cloudflare. 

Cloudflare is seeing 4% to 7% increase in traffic month on month in Africa.

Cloudflare says that has a secure facility in Lagos, interconnected to one of the primary undersea cable operators along with a full connection to both the local Internet Exchange (IXPN) and the newly announced WAF-IX Lagos exchange.

Instead of serving Nigeria from Europe (London, Lisbon, and other European locations), content can now be delivered locally from Lagos.

According to Cloudflare, West Africa’s economy is dominated by Nigeria; but few outside the region know that Nigeria is dominated by the phrase mobile-first. A country that is mobile-first means that mobile has eclipsed all other connectivity methods. Smartphone penetration in Nigeria is growing fast and sitting at around 21 million according to the recent report referenced above.