Clutch Identifies Top Mobile Application Developers in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Today Clutch published a report highlighting the leading mobile application developers in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Each company on the list was evaluated by a Clutch analyst on multiple criteria, including market presence, portfolio of work, and client satisfaction.

The leading mobile app developers in Australia are: Appster, ustwo studio, MindInventory, Minimum, Crystalinx, DreamWalk, Sentia, Outware Mobile, Soap Creative, and AppSquare

In Canada: Macadamian, Master of Code Global, Clearbridge Mobile, MindSea, Plastic Mobile, Osellus Mobile, Brewhouse Software, Two Tall Totems, Guarana Technologies, Push Interactions, FreshWorks Studio, Vertical Motion, Bedouin, Samsao, and Underlabs Inc.

In the United Kingdom: Mubaloo, Fueled, Ready4s, ustwo studio, hedgehog lab, Apadmi, 3 SIDED CUBE, nomtek, The Distance, Waracle, Locassa, Brightec, Apppitized, Nodes, and Architect

“With a seemingly infinite number of app service providers now accessible globally, it is hard to stand out from the pack,” said Clutch analyst Christian Louzan. “The developers featured here are widely respected for their work in their own countries and are quickly emerging in the international arena as app development demand continues to grow.”

Full-length profiles and client interviews are published on Clutch’s effort to identify leading agencies is ongoing, and the firm encourages companies to apply for inclusion in future research. Upcoming press releases will feature Clutch’s growing Creative Agencies category.