Copilot+ PCs: Microsoft unveils a new era of AI-Powered Computing

These PCs boast significant advancements in processing power, battery life, and AI capabilities, promising to transform how users interact with their devices.

Copilot+ PC
Copilot+ PC

Microsoft today announced a new category of Windows PCs designed with artificial intelligence (AI) at their core: Copilot+ PCs. These PCs boast significant advancements in processing power, battery life, and AI capabilities, promising to transform how users interact with their devices.

Copilot+ PCs are equipped with powerful new silicon, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus processors. These processors boast Neural Processing Units (NPUs) specifically designed for AI workloads, delivering up to 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS). According to Microsoft, Copilot+ PCs outperform Apple's MacBook Air 15" by up to 58% in sustained multithreaded performance while achieving all-day battery life. This translates to up to 22 hours of local video playback on a single charge.

Neural Processing Units (NPU)
Neural Processing Units (NPU)

Every Copilot+ PC comes with Copilot, a dedicated AI assistant accessible with a single keystroke. Copilot integrates advanced AI models, including Microsoft's own and those from partners like OpenAI, to provide users with a range of functionalities. These include:

  • Recall: This feature helps users find information they've previously encountered on their PC. Recall leverages a personal semantic index stored entirely on the device, allowing users to search based on memory cues and associations.
  • Cocreate: This AI-powered image creation tool allows users to generate and refine images directly on their device. Users can combine ink strokes with text prompts to create new images in near real-time.
  • Restyle Image: This feature allows users to apply artistic styles to their photos or use Image Creator to generate entirely new visuals.
  • Live Captions: Copilot+ PCs can translate audio from over 40 languages into English captions in real-time, making content across apps and platforms more accessible.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Microsoft emphasizes a commitment to responsible AI development. Copilot+ PCs come equipped with the Microsoft Pluton security processor and a range of security features to protect user data and privacy. Users have granular control over the data used by AI features and can choose which apps and websites are saved for Recall.

A New Chapter for Windows

The launch of Copilot+ PCs signifies a significant shift for the Windows platform. Microsoft is completely reimagining the PC experience, integrating AI from the hardware level to the operating system and application layer. This move positions Microsoft as a major player in the evolving landscape of AI-powered computing.

Partnership and Availability

Microsoft has partnered with leading PC manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung to develop a range of Copilot+ PCs. These devices will be available for pre-order starting today and will begin shipping on June 18th, with prices starting at $999.

The Future of AI on PCs

Microsoft's Copilot+ PCs represent a significant leap forward in AI-powered computing. With their exceptional performance, innovative AI features, and focus on user privacy, Copilot+ PCs have the potential to reshape how users interact with their devices. While the initial wave focuses on Qualcomm processors, Microsoft has expressed plans to expand partnerships with Intel and AMD in the future, broadening the reach of Copilot+ experiences.

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