Doubleclick introduces Transparency on how filters Spam and Ad Fraud

Doubleclick announced on 21st September the adoption of 3 measures to fight Spam and Fraud on Programmatic Advertising.

Google has over 180 automated filters and detection algorithms, to prevent invalid traffic, and the first measure is to provide transparency to advertisers how this is affecting their buying, as Doubleclick Bid Manager has filters in place to avoid Spam and Fraud.

The filtering on Doubleclick Bid Manager is not new, but until now, the Advertisers did not have the visibility how these filters were impacting the media buying, especially on deals (and even more especially on video deals).

Google will provide this information to supply partners and to advertisers. Now they will “be able to see and understand the amount of invalid traffic detected in their campaigns both pre-bid and post-serve, including breakdowns by categories like data center traffic, automated browsers, and falsely represented inventory.”