Equativ integrates IRIS_ID

Equativ integrates IRIS_ID

IRIS.TV and Equativ this week announced a new partnership to power smart contextual CTV ad targeting. The partnership enable publishers to integrate the IRIS_ID, IRIS.TV’s universal content identifier, to offer brand-suitable, contextual ad targeting for online video and connected TV (CTV) inventory.

Media buyers will be able to apply AI-assisted contextual targeting and publisher-declared content metadata, ensuring ads are placed beside the content best suited to their audience and brand.

Key benefits of the partnership

  • Streamlined and secure monetization: The IRIS_ID equips publishers with a common data signal they can implement to amplify video and CTV ad revenue, while maintaining tight control over their valuable assets.
  • Smart contextual targeting: Media buyers can apply AI-assisted contextual targeting ensuring ads are placed beside the content best suited to their audience and brand.
  • Scalable deal configuration: Versatile capacity to optimize and organize multi-publisher deals in the way buyers want to transact, generating deal IDs that can be accessed by any DSP of their choice.
  • Rigorous standards: Data management practices follow the same benchmarks as wider display advertising: adhering to the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) and creating brand suitability segments in line with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework.

"We are excited to partner with Equativ to power smart contextual CTV ad targeting," said Sean Holzman, EVP, Ad Platforms and Agencies at IRIS.TV. "The IRIS_ID is the perfect solution for publishers and media buyers looking to navigate the post-cookie era and deliver more relevant and engaging ads to consumers."

What is IRIS_ID

IRIS_ID is a global content identifier for video-level data. It is used by the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace to allow marketers to target the topic of videos across any screen in real-time and at scale outside of the walled gardens.

When a video is ingested into the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace, it is assigned an IRIS_ID. This identifier is then passed through the bid-stream and to a variety of data partners, who use it to analyze the video content and provide contextual data. This data is then used by buyers to determine the suitability of the inventory for a specific campaign.

IRIS_ID is a tool for both marketers and publishers. It allows marketers to reach their target audiences with relevant ads, and it helps publishers to generate more revenue from their video content.

Benefits of using IRIS_ID

  • Improved targeting: IRIS_ID allows marketers to target ads to the specific content that their target audience is watching.
  • Reduced fraud: IRIS_ID helps to reduce fraud by providing a unique identifier for each video. This makes it more difficult for fraudsters to create fake videos or to impersonate legitimate publishers.
  • Increased transparency: IRIS_ID provides transparency into the video advertising ecosystem. Publishers can see which advertisers are targeting their content and which data partners are analyzing their videos.
  • More revenue for publishers: IRIS_ID helps publishers to generate more revenue from their video content by making it easier for marketers to target their ads.

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