Factual expands the location data with Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement

Factual announced today two new products: Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement. Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement are built on top of Factual’s market-leading Global Places, with more than 130 million places and points of interest around the globe. Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity will deliver a full suite of location data-driven tools for marketers spanning insights, audiences, geofencing, and attribution.

“Location data uniquely helps marketers improve digital campaigns, better understand and target audiences, personalize consumer experiences and measure results,” said Gil Elbaz, founder, and CEO of Factual. “The majority of purchases today are still made in stores, and the ability to bridge online initiatives with offline results is a key measure of success for marketers, and one that location data and device movement validates.”

Geopulse Insights

Geopulse Insights takes the guesswork out of how to reach targeted audiences by translating real-world customer observations into actionable targeting strategies. This includes:

  • Behavioral Analysis – Analyze target audiences’ movement and behaviors, including categories of places and specific chains they visit and compare to those of the general population;
  • Customer Journey Analysis – Analyze consumers’ path to purchase, including the places they visit before a point of interest, dwell time analysis, time of day and week and more;
  • Creative Insights – Leverage behavioral and demographic analysis to tailor campaign creative and messaging decisions and deliver contextually relevant advertising to target audiences.

For Geopulse Insights, Factual’s location strategy team works directly with brands and agencies to provide actionable reports and analyses tailored to their individual needs.

Geopulse Measurement

Geopulse Measurement helps marketers connect online marketing campaigns to offline consumer footfall results for measurement and attribution by using consumer footfall to understand more about what drives consumers to products and services. This includes:

  • Cross-Channel – Measure the effectiveness of entire media buys, including mobile, desktop, video, search and social, and gain unified insights into which channels drive better performance to inform future targeting;
  • A/B Testing – Compare and contrast performance by creative type, device or channel to determine the greatest impact on driving audiences to physical locations;
  • Measure Lift – Integrate in-store visitation data into campaign metrics to effectively measure the impact of campaigns on driving consumers to physical locations, and define the control and exposed groups for lift analysis customized to specific campaign needs;
  • Campaign Optimization – Leverage real-time, comprehensive reporting to continuously monitor campaign performance, and easily adjust campaigns mid-flight to optimize the effectiveness of targeting and creative strategy for driving in-store visit.

For Geopulse Measurement, brands and agencies can tap a growing list of Factual partners to tie their digital campaigns to real-world results, seamlessly integrating Factual data with their existing campaign and performance metrics.