More than 1 billion native ad impressions per month sold directly by the publishers, via Sharethrough

Sharethrough announced today that its Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) product is now being used by publishers to sell directly more than 1 billion monthly native ad impressions. The number of programmatic transactions is 10 billion impressions each month.

Sharethrough says the number of the impressions sold directly by the publishers “represent a 4x growth across the last 18 months.”

In the past twelve months, more than 60 publishers from USA, Japan, Canada and Europe have sold more than 1 million native ad impressions directly, utilizing their own brand equity and existing sales teams to increase native investments and boost ad revenue.

Sharethrough is used by 1200 publishers globally – like Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Sky Media. Sharethrough in-feed native ad inventory is available on programmatic through Sharethrough Exchange, which now transacts 10 billion impressions each month.

Sharethrough header bidding wrapper

In June 2017, Sharethrough released a new header wrapper solution, which allows native and traditional display demand to bid into the same placements, allowing publishers to add and remove bidders with one-click. Sharethrough’s own header bidder has seen rapid adoption in 2017, now integrated into more than 100 sites, driving more than $2 million gross ad spend in Q3 alone and seeing win rates around 10x higher than standard bidders.