FreeWheel launches Beeswax Inventory Desk to Streamline TV Ad Buying

FreeWheel this week announced the launch of the Beeswax Inventory Desk, a service designed to simplify and improve access to premium video ad inventory for buyers and sellers.


FreeWheel this week announced the launch of the Beeswax Inventory Desk, a service designed to simplify and improve access to premium video ad inventory for buyers and sellers.

Beeswax Inventory Desk has:

  • Streamlined buying process: Eliminates complexity and friction in the TV ad buying process, saving time and resources.
  • Direct access to premium inventory: Provides buyers with direct access to premium video ad inventory from FreeWheel's publisher clients and other supply partners, including A+E Networks, AMC Networks, and NBCUniversal.
  • Increased efficiency and ROI: Automates tasks and provides curated packages to meet campaign objectives, leading to more efficient media buys and greater return on investment.
  • Improved viewer experience: Reduces ad clutter and improves ad targeting through better matching of demand and supply.

Key features:

  • Inventory curation: Matches buyer demand with premium video ad inventory supply using data and automation.
  • Seamless transactions: Offers direct access to premium inventory with expedited activation and white-glove service.
  • Reduced programmatic hops: Minimizes programmatic intermediaries for a more optimized supply path.
  • Customizable packages: Creates curated packages of inventory tailored to specific campaign needs.

Market response:

  • Over 40 Beeswax customers are already using the service, including Decibel Ads.
  • Seen a 670% increase in spend on deals sourced from the Beeswax Inventory Desk in Q4 2023 versus Q3 2023.
  • Industry leaders like AMC Networks and Decibel Ads praise the solution for its simplicity, transparency, and efficiency.

"We know that friction, complexity and fragmentation are key challenges that buyers and sellers across the TV advertising ecosystem face today,” said Matt Clark, VP, Strategic Partnerships, FreeWheel. “And so, one of the ah ha moments behind this service was, ‘How can we make the TV ad buying process simpler, better and with fewer headaches for all so that advertisers’ dollars can work harder and viewers can enjoy a more improved ad experience?’ It is our hope that this new offering will help create a win-win across the TV ad ecosystem.”

FreeWheel is a company offering several products and services within the TV advertising ecosystem. Here's a breakdown of their key areas:

1. Technology platform: FreeWheel provides a global software platform used for various aspects of TV advertising, including:

  • Ad buying and selling: Connecting buyers (advertisers and agencies) with sellers (TV networks, publishers) for programmatic ad transactions.
  • Data enablement: Offering data solutions to improve ad targeting, measurement, and optimization.
  • Convergent marketplaces: Facilitating transactions across connected TV (CTV), programmatic video streaming, and linear TV through unified marketplaces.

2. Beeswax: This is a specific buying platform within FreeWheel's offerings. It caters to marketers by providing:

  • Transparency and control: Offering data access and customizable options for ad buying.
  • Omni-channel capabilities: Enabling purchases across various TV and digital platforms.
  • Premium programmatic inventory: Access to high-quality ad inventory through partnerships with major networks and publishers.

3. Beeswax Inventory Desk: This is a new service launched within FreeWheel's Beeswax platform. It specifically aims to:

  • Simplify TV ad buying: Streamline the process for buyers by matching them directly with curated packages of premium video ad inventory.
  • Improve access: Provide buyers with easier access to high-quality inventory from trusted publishers.
  • Increase efficiency: Automate tasks and reduce intermediaries for faster and more cost-effective transactions.

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