Google Ad Manager launches Beta Support for manual creative review protections

Google Ad Manager yesterday announced the launch of beta support for Manual Creative Review Protections, a new feature that allows publishers to block unreviewed creatives from serving until they have been reviewed in the Ad Review Center.

According to Google, this feature is designed for publishers who are required by industry or company regulations to review creatives prior to serving, or who have higher standards for certain parts of their inventory, such as for live content or child content.

Manual Creative Review Protections can be applied to Private Auction, Marketplace Package, and Open Auction inventory. To set up a Manual Creative Review Protection, publishers will need to specify a targeting expression that identifies the inventory to which the protection should apply. Once a protection is in place, any creative that matches the targeting expression will be automatically blocked and tagged with the status "Pending" in the Ad Review Center. Publishers can then review the creative and decide whether to approve or disapprove it.

Creatives that are approved will be served normally, while creatives that are disapproved will be blocked from serving. Publishers can also manually block or approve creatives from the Ad Review Center, regardless of whether they are targeted by a Manual Creative Review Protection.

Manual Creative Review Protections can be used to help publishers maintain brand safety and quality control on their inventory. They can also be used to ensure that creatives comply with industry or company regulations.

Publishers interested in having Manual Creative Review Protections activated in their account need to reach a Google Ad Manager account manager.

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