Google Ad Manager present in 99% of all ads.txt files

Pixalate this week released the report on App-ads.txt and Ads.txt trends, where it found out that Google Ad Manager is listed in 99% of all ads.txt files. The SSPs following Google are AppNexus (Xandr), Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, OpenX, Index Exchange, and AOL (Verizon Media), but with percentages below 45%.

Google’s competitors are mainly focused on the top 10k websites. According to Pixalate numbers, Google is present on the ads.txt of 7k websites on the top 10k websites, while Rubicon Project, AppNexus, Index Exchange, and OpenX are present in around 6k websites of the top 10k.

Pixalate this week revealed that over 1 million domains have now ads.txt.

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