Google Ads will discontinue to exclude apps

Starting in September 2018, Google is depreciating the URL as a placement exclusion to exclude mobile apps. Advertisers will not be able to exclude apps on Google Ads via the device targeting anymore, as the device targeting will be simplified to 3 devices (app/web will bedepreciated).

Until now advertisers could use Devices to select Computer, Mobile app, Mobile app interstitial, Mobile web, Tablet app, Tablet app interstitial, and Tablet web. In the future, these options will be simplified to Computer, Mobile and Tablet. With the simplification of device targeting, and the depreciation of as a placement exclusion, advertisers using Google Ads are not able anymore to exclude apps.

With the exclusion of the placement, advertisers were excluding Mobile app, Mobile app interstitial, Tablet app, and Tablet app interstitial.

Google says this will “simplify the targeting and exclusion controls for Google Display Network ads on mobile devices.”

To optimize the performance, advertisers can still exclude topics, but there isn’t an option to exclude apps anymore. This can affect the performance of web campaigns. In Google Marketing Platform, via Display & Video 360, advertisers are still able to exclude the environment app.

CORRECTION – 6Aug: Before the article was stating that advertisers could still exclude apps on the device targeting, but that will not be possible due to the device targeting simplification.