Google is helping WordPress to increase the performance of the CMS

Last year, Google participated at WordCamp US 2017, and was one of the sponsors of the event. The participation was focused on the performance of WordPress. “Our goal was to engage with the WordPress community and start a discussion around the performance of the WordPress ecosystem,” wrote Alberto Medina.

Medina, Developer Advocate in the Content Ecosystems Team at Google, shared the next steps where Google is working:

  • Building Progressive Themes, to accelerate the integration of modern frontend technologies into the themes ecosystem;
  • Contributing with Gutenberg, which is set to revolutionize content creation in WordPress by centering around the simple but powerful concept of blocks;
  • Building of Feature Plugins + PWA, to enable the integration of progressive web technologies (e.g. Service Workers) into WordPress; for example, Surma @ Google and Dan Wamsley @ Automattic co-presented at this year’s Chrome Dev Summit preliminary results on the integration of PWAs and WordPress;
  • Expanding the capabilities and scope of the AMP Plugin, to enable an awesome AMP experience in WordPress;
  • Contributing with the Tide project, to empower users to harness control of the performance of their sites by choosing quality themes and plugins;
  • Systematic Performance tracking, to use extensive datasets and the power of Google’s data processing infrastructure to track the performance of the WordPress ecosystem in depth and across time.