Video Player Bidding from SpotX will become available to JW Player publishers

JW Player today announced the integration of the Video Player Bidding from SpotX in their platform. SpotX will be JW Player exclusive partner for 12 months.

According to JW Player, Video Player Bidding was built for digital video to greatly reduce latency and improve monetization with just one click. The solution allows JW Player’s publisher customer base to easily access SpotX’s demand marketplace as well as its ad serving capabilities.

Video Player Bidding streamlines the entire header bidding process by combining JW Player’s publisher footprint with SpotX’s advertising technology solutions to solve implementation challenges and allow publishers to maximize monetization. Any eligible publisher that uses JW Player and meets SpotX’s brand safety and verification requirements can reap the benefits of Video Player Bidding with SpotX by enabling the integration with a single click within JW Player’s interface; no additional code or developer resources are necessary.

JW Player says that “as more marketers have adopted programmatic media buying strategies, publishers have learned that traditional, waterfall-based methodologies prevent them from maximizing inventory rates.”

By integrating directly into the video player, the ad decision is made server-side before a viewer hits play, vastly reducing latency, leading to higher fill rates and greater ad revenue. Buyers can also access valuable video metadata (such as content data) before they bid, thereby increasing the value of the opportunity and ultimately maximizing CPMs. Additionally, publishers will have server-side access to 65+ DSPs, driving demand and giving advertisers access to premium inventory that was previously unavailable.

The Video Player Bidding integration is currently in beta and will be made available to a select group of joint JW Player and SpotX customers on March 1, 2018.