Google launches a new Publisher Center

Google launches a new Publisher Center
Google Publisher Center

Google last month launched a new Publisher Center. Google merged Google News Producer, and Google News Publisher Center into Publisher Center.

Google News Producer, now discontinued, was mainly used for Google Play Newsstand, discontinued back in 2018. In the same year, Google merged Google News & Weather and Google Play Newsstand.

The new Google Publisher Center is raising questions from publishers.

The main update on Google News: publishers do not need to apply to appear in Google news anymore. Google says publishers no longer need to submit their site to be eligible for the Google News app and website, and that publishers are automatically considered for Top stories or the News tab of Search when they produce high-quality content and comply with Google News content policies.

What is the Publisher Center?

According to Google, Publisher Center’s include a way to manage publication’s identity, like updating light and dark theme logos, provides a way for those that own multiple publications to organize and switch between them, and publishers can point to the URLs for their website’s sections instead of RSS to configure sections in Google News.

Here the benefits:

  • Content and branding control
  • Monetization opportunity
  • Placement eligibility

Publisher Center is available in English, Spanish, French, and German. Eric Silva, Product Manager at Google, wrote that more languages will become available soon.

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