Google launches more tools on AdWords for YouTube campaigns

This week, Google launched a Creative Suite on AdWords, for YouTube campaigns, to help advertisers to tell stories on YouTube, test creative variations and measure creative impact. 

Here the new features on AdWords:

Audience insights on Reporting

According to Google, the creative suite on YouTube “brings audience segmentation to retention reports so advertisers can better understand how the creative captures the attention of different groups.” Google says that tater this year will introduce the ability to annotate moments within the video ― like logos or product shots ― and show what percent of the audience saw these moments. In doing so, advertisers can keep track of how different creative elements influence campaign performance and use that to develop ideas for your next creative brief or video experiment.

YouTube Director Mix / Video Ad Sequencing

YouTube Director Mix, currently in alpha for selected advertisers, lets advertisers create many versions of a base video and set elements to be swappable ― customizing text, image, sound and video elements to assemble the right video for the right audience and context. Video Ad Sequencing, also in alpha, lets advertisers tell the brand story over a series of ads set in a specific order, or showcase the product message across multiple pieces of content. By showing the story in sequence, advertisers have the potential to drive deeper engagement, awareness or consideration.

Video Experiments

Another tool, launching in beta later this month, is the video experiments, a head-to-head testing tool in AdWords that works with brand lift measurement and allows advertisers to measure the impact of creative on metrics like awareness, consideration, purchase intent and more.

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