Google launches Podcasts Manager

Google launches Podcasts Manager
Google Podcasts Manager

Google yesterday launched Google Podcasts Manager, a tool where podcasters get insights over their podcasts and audiences across Google products.

Google Podcasts Manager works like Search Console for webmasters. In Google Podcasts Manager, podcasters can make sure the shows are available on Google Podcasts listeners, and how engagement with the show evolves over time. Podcasters can also see activity for recent episodes.

Google says that has included retention analytics which help podcasters to understand where people tune in – and when they drop off – along with listening duration, and minutes played.

Podcasters can also see the percentage of the audience that listens on phones, tablets, desktop computers and smart speakers.

Google is investing in audio for some months. In March, Google launched Google Podcasts app in iOS, and since August last year, Podcast episodes are appearing on Google search results. In 2018, Anchor said that Apple was the leader, but Google had the growth potential.

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