Google Product Studio launches St. Patrick's Day Templates

Google Product Studio launches St. Patrick's Day Templates
St. Patrick's Day Template

Google Product Studio this week launched a new feature offering St. Patrick's Day themed templates. These templates allow merchants to quickly generate holiday-specific product images with minimal effort.

Accessing the Templates

Merchants can utilize the templates by following these steps:

  1. Access the "Products" page within the "Your Business" section of Google Merchant Center.
  2. Select the "Product Studio" tab.
  3. Click "Get Started" and navigate to the "Generate Scene" tab.
  4. Upload the desired product image.
  5. Provide a short product description.
  6. Under "Or Start with an Inspiring Theme", choose the St. Patrick's Day template.

The system will then produce a St. Patrick's Day themed image featuring your product.

Upcoming Template Themes

According to Google, Product Studio will continue to expand its template library with seasonal options. Themes expected in the near future include:

  • Easter: Products displayed within an Easter egg hunt setting.
  • Spring: Products showcased with tulips and a backdrop of blue sky and clouds.
  • Mother's Day: Products presented alongside gifts and a Mother's Day card in a pastel color scheme.

Google Product Studio is a tool within Google Merchant Center designed to assist businesses in creating visually appealing product images for promotional purposes.

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