Google Search Console introduces New Recipe properties

Google Search Console introduces New Recipe properties
Recipes in Google

Google Search Console this week unveiled two new properties within the Recipes rich result report: recipeInstructions and recipeIngredient. This update signifies Google's commitment to providing better support for recipe creators, as these additions may lead to an increase in warnings flagged for existing Recipe items.

What This Means for Recipe Creators

  • Potential Increase in Warnings: Content creators using the Recipe structured data format may see more warnings in Search Console. This is due to enhanced validation with the inclusion of these new properties.
  • Improved Recipe Presentation: Providing data for recipeInstructions and recipeIngredient allows Google to have a deeper understanding of recipe content, potentially leading to richer presentations in Search results.
  • Focus on Clarity: It's important for creators to review existing recipe markup and ensure the two new properties are included where appropriate. This helps Google accurately interpret and showcase recipes on Search.

Recipe creators should review Google's guidelines and update their Recipe structured data to include the new properties. This will help ensure compliance and potentially improve the visibility of their content in Google Search results.

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