Google to release new AI Tools for retailers

These tools focus on creating a richer brand experience for online shoppers, with an emphasis on improved visual content and deeper brand storytelling.

Google visual brand profiles
Google visual brand profiles

Yesterday at Google Marketing Live (GML), Google announced a suite of new tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) designed to empower retailers in their marketing efforts.

These tools focus on creating a richer brand experience for online shoppers, with an emphasis on improved visual content and deeper brand storytelling.

According to Google, over 40% of shopping queries on Search mention a specific brand or retailer. This statistic highlights the growing importance of brand identity within the e-commerce landscape. Shoppers are increasingly seeking not just products, but a connection with the brand ethos and story behind them.

To address this need, Google unveiled a new feature - visual brand profiles. These profiles will appear directly on Search results pages and offer a comprehensive overview of a brand's offerings. Inspired by the existing Business Profiles for local businesses, these visual profiles will showcase:

  • Engaging product and brand imagery
  • Customer reviews
  • Videos
  • Current deals, promotions, and shipping policies

All this information will be pulled from Google Merchant Center and the Shopping Graph, providing a one-stop shop for shoppers seeking brand information. The rollout of visual brand profiles will occur in phases over the coming months.

Enhanced Content Creation with Product Studio

Google introduced Product Studio in 2023 as a platform for AI-powered content creation specifically for merchants. According to Google, 80% of merchants using Product Studio report increased efficiency, and one-third of generated product images are published or downloaded.

Building on this success, Google is adding new features to Product Studio:

  • Brand-Aligned Image Generation: Merchants can now upload an image reflecting their brand aesthetic and receive AI-generated product images that match that style. This allows for consistent, on-brand visuals without the need for extensive design resources.
  • Video Creation from Still Images: Product Studio now offers the ability to generate short videos or product GIFs directly from single product photos. This allows for more engaging social media content creation.

Product Studio

These features are currently available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, with rollout planned for India and Japan in the coming weeks.

Bringing Shopping Ads to life with Generative AI

Google is introducing three new ad formats powered by generative AI to enhance the impact of Shopping Ads:

  • Short-Form Product Videos: Retailers can connect their existing short product videos or videos from creators directly to their Shopping Ads. This allows shoppers on Search to engage with product demonstrations, styling suggestions, and explore related items within the ad itself.
  • Virtual Try-On Technology: Following the success of Virtual Try-On in Search, Google is expanding this functionality to apparel ads for men's and women's tops. This allows shoppers to visualize how clothing would look on different body types, potentially increasing purchase confidence.
  • 3D Shoe Spins: Leveraging 3D technology, Google can now create 360-degree product views of shoes from a set of still images provided by the merchant. This allows for a more immersive shopping experience directly within Shopping Ads.

Shopping Ads

A Focus on Brand Connection

These new AI-powered tools from Google represent a shift towards a more experiential approach to online advertising. By empowering retailers to create richer brand stories and enhance product presentations, Google aims to foster deeper connections between brands and shoppers, ultimately leading to more informed purchase decisions.

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