Grapeshot is now supporting video and audio

Grapeshot yesterday announced a new solution for bringing brand safety and contextual targeting to digital video and audio. Grapeshot says that this “an industry first.” Grapeshot is a contextual solution, acquired recently by Oracle, and is integrated within most DSPs.

Grapeshot’s new video/audio context solution features include:

  • Automated Categorisation at Speed: Process and categorize any type and length of audio or video in moments, providing context and brand safety data for any asset library;
  • 21 Supported Languages: Multiple language support ensures better global reach and safer brand standards, with more languages to be added;
  • Integration Flexibility: Grapeshot supports a variety of platforms, as well as bespoke connections with platforms via the video context API.

According to Grapeshot, the new solution will address widespread advertising industry concerns surrounding transparency and brand safety in video advertising. Using contextual data to determine a video’s relevance and safety–and to inform dynamic ad distribution decisions–advertisers, sell-side platforms and publishers can:

  • Maximize yield within video buys across all channels and formats;
  • Extract contextual data from video that can be used for audience and analytics products;
  • Confidently deliver advertising against brand safe content;
  • Drive higher CPMs through unique and brand safe inventory packages.

“Video consumption is rapidly growing across the globe, and with that comes an increasing demand for advertising solutions that provide much-needed trust and transparency around video inventory,” said Andrew Smith, SVP Product Strategy for Grapeshot. “By introducing Grapeshot’s best-in-class contextual intelligence solutions to the world of digital video, we’re excited to provide the first-ever video brand safety solution for both publishers and supply side platforms.”