How Brand Lift Studies work on YouTube?

How Brand Lift Studies work on YouTube?

Advertisers that buy YouTube video ads are able to setup Brand Lift Studies on Google Ads or on DV360. Brand Lift Studies measure the moments along the consumer journey, including brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favourability, and purchase intent.

Google Brand Lift Studies first isolate a randomised control group that was not shown the ad and an exposed group that saw the ad. About a day after seeing (or not seeing) the ad, Google delivers a one-question survey to both groups.

This week Google announced the introduction on Brand Lift Studies in TV screens.

What Google can measure with Brand Lift Studies

  • The ad recall
  • Brand Awareness
  • Consideration in brand or product
  • Favourability of the brand
  • Purchase intention of the product
  • Interest in brand or product, based on an increase in organic search

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