How to do impactful ads that users remember?

Called Banner Blindness… means 60% of consumers don’t remember the last ad they saw. Infolinks did a study where 60% of the users don’t remember the last ad they saw, but curiously, if you show the ad again, 75% will remember to see the ad online. To increase the ad recall, advertisers are combining TV with Online Ads + Viewability Optimization + Spending more on Big formats (sometimes with video included), outside of the normal ad sizes. What we call Skins.

How to do Skins on Programmatic?

Through Programmatic Guaranteed and Private Deals is now possible to buy custom formats, like skins and wallpapers, and there are new suppliers coming up in the market that are selling multiple inventory via one private deal.

Some suppliers of Skins:


Example of formats for Retail, Auto, Finance, Telco, FMCG, Travel.

Sublime Skinz

Some Format examples: Interactive Skinz (Netflix), Shopping Skinz (Littlewoods), Sliding Skinz (Batman Vs Superman), Skinz Bill Video (Sense 8/Netflix), Skinz Bill Video (Waitrose), Videoskinz (Paco Rabanne), Video Fixed (L’Oreal Revitalift), Dynamic Wingz (Blizzard), Swapping Skinz (Essie Nails), Classic Skinz (Eye in the Sky).

Just Premium

See here the JustPremium demos.


See here High Impact formats examples from ReactX.

What about transparency?

These providers are just one step of becoming exchanges, if the demand for these formats increase. Seems that they didn’t do that step mainly because they prefer to have a direct contact with advertisers.

Many of these high impact providers are working with premium publishers providing demand on these formats.

According to your budget and CPM you are available to pay, you should be able to guarantee transparency on the bid requests.

Creative Production

For this formats, if you don’t have a design agency, many of these providers will be happy to produce the creative for you. They have experience with it, and they just need the design elements, like logos and font types. The price for the creative production? It can be for free, but always depends on your total spend media budget.