IAB launches a guide with best practices for MRAID 3.0

IAB this month launched a new guide with the best practices for MRAID 3.0. MRAID is the Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions, the standard API for mobile rich media ads that run in mobile apps. MRAID 3.0 supports viewability, audibility measurement, location, pre-loading, exit mechanism and vpaid events.

The MRAID working group from IAB elaborated the MRAID best practices guide. The MRAID working group includes workers from companies like Google, Improve Digital, Shazam, FreeWheel, Adform, Yahoo, IAS, etc. The document “provides best practices and guidelines for designers building MRAID creatives, as well as clarifying requirements for implementing MRAID in containers/SDKs.”

On the MRAID guide, publishers, advertisers, and creative agencies can consult the MRAID requirements; common mistakes, ways of counting viewable impressions, and debugging tips.