Bing introduces Visual Search with photos

Bing last week launched new intelligent visual search capabilities: now users can search the web using the camera. Bing says that “these new visual search capabilities are available right now in the US on the Bing app for iOS and Android, and for Microsoft Launcher (Android only). They’ll also begin rolling out for Microsoft Edge for Android, and will be coming soon to Microsoft Edge for iOS and”

To search with photos on Bing, users need to click on the camera button on the search bar. Bing gives an example of how the visual search with photos can be useful: Imagine you see a landmark or flower and want to learn more. You need to take a photo using one of the apps, or upload a picture from your camera roll. Bing will identify the object in question and will give you more information by providing additional links to explore.

Bing says that users can also shop from your photos for fashion and home furnishings. Another example of a search with pictures: you see a friend’s jacket you like, but don’t know its brand or where to purchase. Upload a pic into the app’s search box and Bing will return visually-similar jackets, prices, and details for where to purchase.