Labels for Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are now available in Bing Ads Editor

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) was launched in Bing Ads Editor last year, in October, and the labels have now become available, said Bing last week.

According to Bing, Dynamic Search Ads are “are a new campaign type which helps dramatically reduce time spent in initial setup and day-to-day management, while simultaneously identifying and capitalizing on new queries.”

Shared labels in Dynamic Search Ads allows advertisers to organize and manage the Dynamic Search Ads more efficiently. Bing provides an example: if an advertiser wants to be able to quickly pause and activate Dynamic Search Ads related to promotional offers on a regular basis, the advertiser can create a shared label called “Promotions” and associate it with all your promotion related DSA’s. Later, when the advertiser needs to activate or pause these ads, the advertiser can simply filter on the “Promotions” label from Advanced Search and change their status in bulk.

Bing will have a webcast about Dynamic Search Ads on February 22.