Live Board partners with Hivestack to build a programmatic OOH platform in Japan

Live Board partners with Hivestack to build a programmatic OOH platform in Japan

Live Board this week announced a partnership with Hivestack, a technology platform that powers programmatic OOH buying and selling. Live Board is launching a full-stack platform that enables advertisers to activate OOH media against audiences in motion, trade inventories programmatically, and deliver OOH advertisements on an impression basis.

The full-stack platform is named Live Board Marketplace and will first launch in Japan. Live Board is a joint venture between NTT Docomo and Dentsu.

“After a demanding evaluation of multiple ad tech platforms, we have decided that Hivestack was the ideal technology partner that enables our ambitions for programmatic OOH. Hivestack has essentially created a Japanese-tailored version of its entire platform enabling the LIVE BOARD MARKETPLACE for DOOH buyers and sellers. While we will use the Hivestack platform for our owned LIVE BOARD inventory, the plan is to also roll up the extremely fragmented publisher side of Japanese DOOH into one consolidated ad exchange, thus making DOOH easier to buy at scale,” said Ichiro Jinnai, Chief Executive Officer and President of Live Board.

On Supply Side

The SSP Live Board Marketplace will enable Japanese DOOH media owners to sell negotiated packages of inventory via private marketplace deals, to monetize unsold ad spots in a loop via documented Live Board APIs, or to install the Live Board HTML container, an alternative method for media owners to connect to the Live Board exchange.

Live Board ad server also enables Japanese DOOH media owners to programmatically deliver impressions on their screens based on audience pacing, geographical skewing, frequency capping, and audiences are ingested from NTT Docomo’s mobile geospatial platform Mobile Kuukan Toukei.

On Buy Side

In the self-serve Live Board DSP, agencies and trading desks are able to programmatically bid on impressions. According to Live Board, the DSP uses bidding technology related to the audience impressions as perceived by Mobile Kuukan Toukei geospatial technology.

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