Magnite opens its first office in India

Magnite opens its first office in India

Magnite today announced the opening of its first office in India, in Mumbai. This expansion marks Magnite's commitment to supporting publishers and buyers in one of the fastest-growing digital advertising markets globally.

“Programmatic adoption in India is forecasted to increase at a CAGR of 32% until 2027, according to Magna Global,” said Gavin Buxton, Managing Director of Asia at Magnite.” Establishing a Magnite hub in Mumbai allows us to provide more hands-on support and help our clients navigate the changing market landscape. As advertisers continue to seek out the most comprehensive omnichannel ecosystem to reach their audiences, we’ll be able to more seamlessly connect them with the premium publishers we work with.”

Earlier this year, Magnite introduced tools for streaming TV media owners in India, including Magnite Streaming and the SpringServe ad server. These advancements, tailored to the Indian market, have garnered market demand and contributed to 185% year-over-year growth in CTV ad spend in India.

Magnite's expansion in India continues with the appointment of Chandrahas Shetty as Demand Facilitation Lead. This team, comprising Karnika Maroo, Senior Account Manager, Supply, Jerit Kunjumon, Account Manager, Supply, and Rohit Prasad Yeggina, Senior Account Manager, is dedicated to delivering results for clients by ensuring they fully leverage Magnite's comprehensive omnichannel capabilities.

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