Marketo Chief Scientist to Join ZenIQ as Strategic Advisor

ZenIQ™, the first prescriptive Account-Based Marketing Management Platform and innovator of data science driven B2B Marketing Plays (ZenIQ ABM Recipes™), announces today that Shankar Venkataraman has been appointed strategic advisor. In this capacity, Shankar will help shape the future of ZenIQ’s Account-Based Marketing technology that enables marketers to leverage all sources of data to obtain greater insights, greater scale and superior revenue.

“Few people in the world possess the skill to successfully blend the right combinations of data and technology,” states Srihari Kumar, Founder and CEO at ZenIQ. “Shankar is superstar in this field and has demonstrated his ability to enable analytics platforms to achieve marketer objectives. We look forward to a long relationship, tapping this great resource to continually provide our clients with an unsurpassed flow of highly usable, insightful, data-driven tools.”

Shankar joins the ZenIQ advisory board with nearly 30 years of experience at the intersection of big data, marketing platforms and analytics. Currently Chief Scientist at Marketo, he’s charged with establishing the future vision of platform architecture and marketing analytics. Prior to that, he was the Chief Technology Officer for the IBM Analytics Platform.

“ZenIQ and their ABM Navigator™ are focused on executing in the highest value nexus for today’s B2B marketing landscape,” explains Shankar. “In my advisory role, I look forward to helping ZenIQ in their journey to place the value of data, coupled with actionable insights, into the hands of marketers. ZenIQ has the ability to scale this and help clients around the world.”

ZenIQ’s ABM Navigator delivers the Actionable Insights, Targeting and Orchestration across sales and marketing teams necessary to drive Volume, Velocity & Value to target account pipeline revenue. Today, clients can craft custom Recipes to scale construction and execution of high-performance ABM programs that automate and trigger richer data, deeper engagement, and coordinated messages and touches across teams and platforms.

Using a single GUI interface, entire teams can construct ABM Recipes like:
Enrichment – deliver database completeness, accuracy and consistency.
Automatically append technographic, firmographic, intent or predictive data to target accounts that meet specific requirements.

Continually scan sales and marketing platforms to trigger Lead to Account Mapping Recipes. Marketers can now customize rules that automate recognition and aggregation of individuals from target accounts as they come into CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

Expansion – apply data science to identify new roles and people you should be engaging with at each target account and new companies that match target account profiles.
Engagement – drive coordinated cross-channel touches and orchestration to deliver higher account level engagement. Or, Next-Best-Action Recipes that use machine learning to prescribe highest value course of action for each account and Buying Center role.