Marketo integrates LiveRamp's IdentityLink

Marketo integrates LiveRamp's IdentityLink

LiveRamp last month announced a partnership with Marketo to leverage IdentityLink. According to LiveRamp, Marketo users can now connect their first-party customer data to the broader digital advertising ecosystem, enabling marketers to create more precise and secure target lists.

LiveRamp maintains one of the largest people-based identity graph. The graph matches PII-based data with anonymous identifiers like cookies
and devices ID. IdentityLink customers, like Marketo, have access to build solutions using it.

“Marketo customers value ease-of-use when it comes to activating data across all channels,” said Todd Watts, global head of services and partners, Marketo. “By layering a people-based identity graph over our UI and tying it to a statement of record, we can create a single, centralized, secure identity that can be used for more accurate people- and account-based targeting and true closed-loop measurement.”

The Marketo integration is powered by an IdentityLink API, which allows marketing technology providers to build on top of LiveRamp identity solutions.

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