Mastercard to acquire CMP SessionM

Mastercard yesterday announced it is acquiring SessionM, a customer management platform (CMP), used mainly by retail. SessionM is a customer engagement and loyalty platform used by retailers, airlines, restaurants and CPG companies. Mastercard expects the acquisition will happen in the fourth quarter.

Mastercard says SessionM will enhance Mastercard’s ability to help brands to deliver personalized, real-time offers and campaign measurement based on data-driven insights.

“Consumers’ expectations about their experiences with brands are changing,” said Francis Hondal, president, loyalty and engagement at Mastercard. “We believe that the future of loyalty needs to be re-imagined to enable seamless digital experiences, and SessionM’s consumer-centric capabilities will help us broaden our value to marketers across sectors in exciting new ways.”

What SessionM Platform does? Customer data management, campaigns and engagement, POS offer management, and loyalty management.

SessionM is headquartered in Boston with offices mainly in the United States, but also in Prague, London, and Singapore.

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