donates OpenRTB 3.0 converter code to IAB Tech Lab donates OpenRTB 3.0 converter code to IAB Tech Lab yesterday announced the donation of code to help IAB Tech Lab. says the code will help IAB Tech Lab’s efforts to promote transparency and security in tech supply chains. The donation was announced at the May 6th IAB Tech Lab Innovation Day: Transparency and a Secure Programmatic Supply Chain.

“The IAB Tech Lab has been working hard to help the industry solve both challenges. The release of OpenRTB 3.0 protocol was a step in the right direction. We strongly believe that adoption of this protocol, along with the subsequent rollout of ads.cert will help the industry make collective progress towards safer and more transparent supply chain. We are donating the code for our OpenRTB convertor and ads.cert verification tool in order to accelerate adoption of these important initiatives and support the IAB Tech Lab in pushing the entire industry forward.” Vaibhav Arya, CEO

The code was developed by’s team of more than 600 engineers, and includes the transformation from OpenRTB 2.x protocol to 3.0 and vice versa, more than 400 objects mapped between OpenRTB 2.x protocol to 3.0.

According to, the code also includes an ads.cert digital signature verification tool, in-memory caching for minimizing latency and sampling capabilities to reduce costs.

“Open source code and tool contributions from our members very tangibly help advance industry adoption of critical new technical standards. We look forward to continued collaboration with and others to further the deployment of OpenRTB 3.0 and support its objectives around anti-fraud, transparency, and security.”Sam Tingleff, Chief Technology Officer of the IAB Tech Lab

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