Mediamath adopts ads.txt

Mediamath announced last week the adoption of ads.txt immediately, but according to the press release, only throughout MediaMath’s Curated Market. The adoption of ads.txt in open exchanges will happen on Mediamath, but not for now. According to Mediamath, “ads.txt rollout will be phased in over the coming months to ultimately encompass all of MediaMath’s supply products.”

MediaMath’s Curated Market is an option on Mediamath DSP, that allows advertisers to buy advertising in a transparent way, via deals negotiated directly via Mediamath and the publishers, via PMP’s, directly or via header bidding.

Google is still the first ad tech company who is adopting ads.txt, as by the end of this month, Doubleclick Bid Manager will have a filter for  ads.txt as default. Appnexus is still not enforcing ads.txt; just watching the adoption.

We measured the adoption of the top 100 programmatic publishers and more than 1/3 already adopted ads.txt.