Microsoft Advertising to deprecate Hotel Center Subaccounts

Microsoft Advertising to deprecate Hotel Center Subaccounts

Microsoft Advertising yesterday announced a change in how hotel advertisers can manage their campaigns. Starting February 6, 2024, Hotel Center subaccounts will no longer be available. Instead, hotel advertisers will need to use the new Lodging campaigns feature.

Lodging campaigns is a campaign type that manages Hotel price ads (HPA) and Property promotion ads (PPA), which you can use to showcase your properties on Bing across devices.

Lodging campaigns offer several benefits over Hotel Center subaccounts, including:

  • Cross-platform parity: Lodging campaigns will work seamlessly across Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads, making it easier for advertisers to manage their campaigns across platforms.
  • New ad distribution options: Lodging campaigns will be able to run on a wider range of inventory, including Microsoft Advertising's audience ads and other syndicated search partners. This will give advertisers the opportunity to reach more travelers and drive more bookings.
  • New targeting opportunities: Lodging campaigns will be able to use remarketing lists that are already active in Microsoft Advertising search campaigns. This will help advertisers target their ads to people who have previously expressed interest in their hotels.
  • More control: Lodging campaigns will give advertisers more control over their campaigns, allowing them to run separate campaigns for Hotel Price ads and Property Promotion ads.

To help advertisers transition to Lodging campaigns, Microsoft Advertising is providing the following resources:

  • About lodging campaigns guide: This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to recreate legacy Hotel Center subaccounts as Lodging campaigns.
  • URL Tracking guide: This guide explains how to update your URL tracking for Lodging campaigns.

Microsoft Advertising is also offering a migration assistance program to help advertisers with the transition. The program includes:

  • Account team support: Account teams will be available to answer questions and provide guidance.
  • Ad support team support: The ad support team will be available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Hotel advertisers should take the following steps to prepare for the deprecation of Hotel Center subaccounts:

  • Recreate your legacy Hotel Center subaccounts as Lodging campaigns: This will ensure that your campaigns continue to run after February 6.
  • Update your URL Tracking: This will ensure that your tracking data is correct.
  • Reduce your Hotel Center budget to $0 and delete the subaccounts: This will prevent your campaigns from running after February 6.

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