Microsoft launches Enhances Conversions and streamlines Campaign creation

Microsoft Advertising this week rolled out key updates in February, focusing on improved conversion tracking and streamlined campaign creation.

Microsoft Enhanced Conversions
Microsoft Enhanced Conversions

Microsoft Advertising this week rolled out key updates in February, focusing on improved conversion tracking and streamlined campaign creation.

Enhanced Conversions Beta Boosts Accuracy and Privacy

The highlight of the update is "Enhanced Conversions," currently in beta, which allows advertisers to leverage first-party data like email and phone numbers for more accurate conversion tracking across devices. This privacy-focused solution utilizes hashed user information, ensuring compliance with regulations while providing valuable insights.

Microsoft Advertising's Enhanced Conversions feature empowers advertisers to leverage their own customer data (email or phone number) for more accurate and privacy-compliant conversion tracking. This prepares you for the future as third-party cookies become less reliable.

Enhanced Conversions Requirements

  • Conversion page URL and event trigger (button click, page view, etc.)
  • First-party customer data available on the conversion page
  • Some coding knowledge or developer assistance
  • Acceptance of Microsoft Advertising's privacy statement


  1. Create or Update an Enhanced Conversion Goal:
    • Go to Tools > Conversion goals.
    • Create a new goal or update an existing one.
    • Choose "Website" as the conversion type.
    • Select your desired goal category and type.
    • Agree to the privacy statement.
    • Enable "Turn on Enhanced conversions."
  2. Set Up Enhanced Conversions (Online):
    • Implement the provided script snippet after your UET tag.
    • Replace placeholder names with your actual variables.
    • Optionally format and hash email addresses (recommended).
    • Mandatory to format and hash phone numbers.
  3. Set Up Enhanced Conversions (Offline):
    • Download the import template.
    • Follow the required hashing rules for email and phone numbers.
    • Upload the formatted and hashed data.

Benefits of Enhanced Conversions

  • Improved conversion tracking accuracy with first-party data.
  • More reliable tracking compared to third-party cookies.
  • Preparation for future privacy regulations.
  • Enhanced security with hashed data.

Faster Campaign Setup with Guided Workflow

The platform revamped its campaign creation process, enabling users to set up campaigns in just a few steps. Advertisers simply choose their desired goal, select the best campaign type, and follow the guided workflow, saving them valuable time and effort.

Additional Updates Expand Targeting and Reporting

Beyond the core features, Microsoft Advertising introduced new in-market audience targeting options based on company size and job titles for US/CA markets. This allows for more precise targeting across display, native, and connected TV campaigns. Additionally, RSA campaign asset reporting has been enhanced, offering more granular insights at the campaign and ad group levels.

Hotel Center Update: Deprecation Paused, Migration Encouraged

Previously announced, the deprecation of Hotel Center subaccounts has been paused for the foreseeable future, giving users more time to migrate to Lodging Campaigns. While migration is still strongly recommended, advertisers can continue managing their campaigns through Hotel Center for the time being.

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