Microsoft Monetize launches Monetize Insights

Microsoft Monetize launches Monetize Insights
Monetize Insights

Microsoft today announced the launch of Monetize Insights, a new analytics dashboard within Microsoft Monetize, powered by Xandr. Monetize Insights is designed to help publishers maximize their monetization revenue by providing them with easy-to-access data and insights into their inventory performance.

Key features of Monetize Insights

  • Total Revenue tab: This tab provides a holistic view of a publisher's monetization program, including Impressions, Ad Requests, Fill Rate, Win Rates, and Revenue.
  • Bid Rejection tabs: These tabs provide insights into the revenue impact of a publisher's inventory settings,such as ad quality, deals, demand issues, and floor rules.
  • Comparison charts: These charts allow publishers to compare their performance over time or across different dimensions.
  • Drill-down panels: These panels allow publishers to drill down into their data to get more granular insights.
  • Configurable metrics: Publishers can configure Monetize Insights to track the metrics that are most important to their business.

Monetize Insights is available now to all Microsoft Monetize customers.

Benefits of using Monetize Insights

  • Publishers can save time by removing the need to configure reporting dashboards or rely on in-depth reporting pulls to access high-level revenue and inventory information.
  • Publishers can identify issues sooner and diagnose them faster, ensuring that revenue is not left on the table.
  • Publishers can make more informed decisions about their monetization strategy.

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