Moz lays off 28% of the staff to focus on search

Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz, announced yesterday, Wednesday, that the company specialised in SEO will lay down 28% of the staff to focus on the core: search products.

Products like Moz Content and Followerwonk will be discontinued. The focus will be on the most successful products like rank tracking, keyword research, local listings, duplicate management, on-page, crawl, and links.

Sarah says that the investment outside of the core business “added a lot of complexity to the business, but didn’t result in the growth we expected.”

Results of the company going down

Results of the company are going down and because of that Moz will “will be asking about 28% of Mozzers to leave.” Sarah says that “churn rates are at all-time lows and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is climbing for all of Moz SEO-focused products.”