Multi-Linking now available on Bing Ads

This Month, Bing announced a new feature called Multi-Linking. Multi-Linking makes “easier to link and manage accounts much more efficiently.”

According to Elizabeth Johnson, Product Manager of Bing Ads Platform, Multi-Linking allows:

Link accounts to any customer: This means you no longer have to press the “become an agency” button in order to link to accounts, and any account can now be linked to.

Control how many customers are linked to your account: Up to five managing customers can link to your account simultaneously, and you can now unlink them from your account as well.

Take over billing at any time: Any customer that is linked to an account can easily take over billing responsibility on the account at any time, without needing to pause the account.

With Multi-Linking, users of Bing Ads can also:

  1. Run reports across all your managed accounts.
  2. Transition clients from one agency to another.
  3. Manage billing information from one customer shell.

Multi-Linking does not support unlinking an account from the customer that created it. If an agency created an account from their own customer account, that agency will remain linked to it.