MyHeritage launches for historical newspaper exploration

MyHeritage launches for historical newspaper exploration
Old News

MyHeritage, a leading family history platform, today announced the launch of This new website offers a vast collection of historical newspapers, aiding genealogists, researchers, and history enthusiasts in their explorations. Features

  • Extensive Collection: launches with hundreds of millions of historical newspaper pages, sourced from the US, Europe, Oceania, and other regions. Millions of new pages are added monthly.
  • Diverse Content: The website includes major international newspapers alongside small-town publications, covering the 1800s and 1900s extensively.
  • Easy Search: The search engine allows users to quickly find articles about people, events, or topics of interest. Search terms are highlighted for clarity.
  • Global Access: is available in 11 languages with more planned for the future.
/1:01 for historical newspaper exploration

Unique Value

MyHeritage CEO, Gilad Japhet, emphasizes the value of historical newspapers, stating, "Historical newspapers contain a wealth of information and provide an unparalleled level of detail about the past." The website is designed to be a central resource for historical newspaper research. is a subscription-based service with a 7-day free trial. An annual Pro subscription costs $99/year (with a 25% discount for the first year). content is also included in the new MyHeritage Omni subscription plan, providing a comprehensive suite of genealogy tools, historical records, and educational resources.

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