NPR's News Now remains the most downloaded and most listened-to podcast

NPR's News Now remains the most downloaded and most listened-to podcast

Triton Digital this week released its March 2024 U.S. Podcast Ranker, providing insights into the evolving podcast landscape. While familiar names like NPR, NBCUniversal News Group, and Wondery continue to dominate, the report reveals shifts in audience preferences and the growing influence of major subscription-based platforms.

Top Networks and Podcasts

  • SiriusXM Podcast Network maintained its position as the top sales network, underscoring the power of subscription-based audio content.
  • NPR's News Now remained the most downloaded and most listened-to podcast, demonstrating the enduring demand for news and current affairs.
  • Crime-focused podcasts continued their popularity, with audiochuck's Crime Junkie climbing within the rankings.
  • Notable debuts included Three (SiriusXM Podcast Network) on both download and listener charts, Killer Psyche (Wondery) for downloads, and Environment (NPR) for listeners.

Triton Digital's use of IAB-certified measurement methodologies (Podcast Metrics) enhances its credibility and showcases an understanding of the need for reliable industry data.

The U.S. Podcast Ranker serves as a valuable resource for marketers, advertisers, and the broader audio industry, establishing Triton's authority in this space.

Implications for marketers

  • Subscription Models Matter: The success of SiriusXM highlights the potential of subscription-based content and the value of exclusive offerings to drive audience loyalty.
  • News Remains Strong: The consistent popularity of news podcasts reinforces the importance of this format for reaching engaged audiences interested in current events.
  • The True-Crime Boom Continues: Marketers in relevant sectors should consider the dedicated audience that true-crime podcasts attract and explore potential integration opportunities.
  • Data is Key: Marketers must use audience measurement tools like Triton's Podcast Metrics to make informed decisions about sponsorships, partnerships, and content collaborations.

Additional Insights for Marketers

  • Podcast Networks as Partners: The Top Sales Network Report highlights powerful networks that can offer marketers access to a broad and engaged audience base.
  • Niche Content Potential: New entrants on the listener charts suggest potential growth in areas like the environment or specific podcast formats (Three). Marketers should track these niches for opportunities.
  • Beyond Downloads: Analyzing both downloads and unique listeners provides a more nuanced view of audience engagement, which should inform marketing strategies.

Marketers should closely monitor podcast rankings to identify trends in content formats, audience preferences, and the increasing influence of platforms as key players in the audio landscape. Resources like Triton Digital's reports provide crucial data for making strategic decisions in this dynamic market.

Participation in Triton Digital's Ranker is voluntary. The results may not reflect the entire podcast ecosystem.

Podcast rankings can fluctuate. Marketers should consider longer-term trends alongside single-period reports for a comprehensive view.

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