NYIAX partners with IPONWEB to introduce upfront buying in programmatic

NYIAX partners with IPONWEB to introduce upfront buying in programmatic

NYIAX this week partnered with IPONWEB (BidSwitch Exchange) to provide upfront buying in programmatic delivery. NYIAX says the collaboration provides buyers with the advantages of using their existing DSP controls for frequency capping across multiple publishers, combined with the benefits of direct to publisher trading.

“Under the terms of the partnership, NYIAX is leveraging IPONWEB’s The MediaGrid technology — a globally scaled supply curation and management platform — to provide programmatic delivery of campaigns associated with Ad Contracts entered into through the NYIAX Contract Management Platform,” said Ben Feldman, NYIAX’s SVP of Strategy and Innovation.

“Our partnership with NYIAX helps solve the complex challenges of media buying and offers a new, direct-to-publisher model,” said Joe Meehan, general manager of IPONWEB North America. “Buyers can now streamline, simplify and conduct their media buys all in one platform, unifying the ad buying process and bringing transparency to a broken marketplace.”

Here the benefits of using NYIAX’s advanced contract management platform and The MediaGrid for programmatic delivery for advertisers:

  • The ability to enter into upfront agreements and identify / apply Deal ID enabled spend against those agreements.
  • Utilize existing DSPs and a prebid.js header bidding adapter to interact directly through The MediaGrid.
  • Associate programmatic spend against preferred pricing contracts without affecting the publisher’s auction.
  • Buy side decisioning, allowing cross publisher frequency capping across direct to publisher (D2P) upfront deals.
  • A transparent and streamlined supply path.

For publishers:

  • Whitelist and blacklist controls, helping to maintain higher CPMs and increased control over who has access to the inventory.
  • Increase the volume of potential ad buyers without increasing the burden on operations.

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