OAAA releases OpenDirect 1.5.1

OpenDirect specification to enable OOH companies to offer inventory through an automated workflow.

OAAA releases OpenDirect 1.5.1

OAAA last month released OpenDirect 1.5.1, an updated spec that will allow OOH media companies to offer inventory through an automated workflow.

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is the national trade association for the entire out-of-home (OOH) and DOOH media ecosystem.

According to OAAA, OpenDirect 1.5.1 is an update to the specification that will allow OOH media companies to offer inventory through an automated workflow. The spec provides a standard way for OOH publishers to make their inventory available in any OpenDirect-compliant interface where agencies and advertisers can reserve and purchase inventory.

“Making OOH easier to buy is one of our primary goals – and this updated spec delivers,” said Christina Radigan, Chief Marketing Officer, OAAA. “Establishing a consistent, reliable means for speeding the buying and selling of premium inventory will make a meaningful difference to our members and the advertisers they serve. Adoption will expedite transactions, reduce friction, and benefit the marketplace.”

OAAA says adoption of OpenDirect 1.5.1 will open the doorway to controlled access and improved tracking of inventory across systems. It will also provide early visibility reporting.

“Currently the exchange of excel documents between vendors and agencies is how inventory and availability is shared,” said Ian Dallimore, Vice President of Digital Growth and General Manager of Programmatic, Lamar Advertising, and co-chair of the OAAA subcommittee that developed the spec updates. “By transitioning to automation, we are ensuring a timely more transparent workflow.”

Clear Channel, JCDecaux, Kinetic, Ocean Outdoor, Talon Outdoor, Posterscope, and the World Out of Home Organization, contributed to the OpenDirect 1.5.1. The trade organization also aligned with the IAB Technology Lab’s OpenDirect Working Group.

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