Ok Google, what are the news for today? Google News is now available in Assistant

Google is bringing the Google News to devices with the Google Assistant, in the US. Google says this will allow users to “stay up to date wherever they are.”

Users need to ask Hey Google, what’s the news?, and Smart Displays with Google Assistant are offering video or audio news briefings. Users can choose from preferred news sources from hundreds of national and local broadcasters including CNBC, CNN, Cheddar and more.

Google Assistant is also able to reply to custom questions. Google suggest asking the Assistant: “What’s the news on the women’s national soccer team?” or “What’s the latest on NASA?” The Google Assistant will find relevant videos from YouTube to play on your Smart Display, and on Assistant speakers like Google Home, it will read out excerpts from news articles from a growing list of publishers.

Since this month, all these features are available also on Android phones and will soon be coming to Android Auto and Assistant-enabled headphones (including Google Pixel Buds).

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