Outstream video format now available on Adwords

Google launched a new video campaign subtype on Adwords this week that will target Outstream inventory. It is more than Outstream, as combines video with native elements like a title and a description. In Adwords, outstream works exclusively in mobile environments (app and web) and is limited to Google/Youtube video partners.

To create an outstream campaign on Adwords, advertisers need to Select Campaigns, then create a new Video campaign. Choose the Brand awareness and reach goal. Select the Outstream campaign subtype. The ad needs to have a youtube video, a logo, an headline, a description, and a final URL. Advertisers can select a thumbnail to appear before the video starts playing.

The buying model is viewable CPM, which means all the impressions will be counted as “viewable” when 50 percent of the ad shows on screen for two seconds.

For publishers without video, this is the opportunity of higher revenue for page. The first results for Outstream, released by Google, have shown that “outstream video ads are earning 8.9x higher CPMs compared to standard banner ad CPMs”

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