Outstream video ads are earning 8.9x higher CPMs compared to standard banners

Doubleclick for Publishers released results for the new beta Outstream Video Ads. And on average, “out-stream video ads are earning 8.9x higher CPMs compared to standard banner ad CPMs on DoubleClick Ad Exchange.”

According to Benyah Shaparenko, Product Manager at Google, “in certain regions, among the more than 100 publishers who have already signed up for the beta, partners have seen substantially greater CPM lift as Doubleclick continued to fine-tune and scale the new formats.”

Doubleclick says that the new Outstream format was launched to help advertisers engage their audiences in more places, and to enable publishers to capture growing video budgets across their non-video content on sites and apps,

Google is also working closely with the IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement Working Group to ensure that all of our new video formats are easily measurable across all platforms and devices.

What are the Video Outstream formats?

Doubleclick Ad Exchange has In-article and in-feed formats. With outstream video ads on DoubleClick, publishers serve video ads across their content feeds and within their articles programmatically. Both in-feed and in-article video ads seamlessly fit a user’s scrolling behavior on both web and apps, and they are muted by default to ensure they don’t disrupt the user. Moreover, the ads only play when 50% or more of the ad is in view, ensuring higher viewability rates. If users choose to engage with an ad, they can tap to unmute the video.

Example of an In-Article Video

Example of an In-Feed Video

Example of a Rewarded Video (For Game Apps)

Google moves to catch up competitors

Teads, founded in 2011 in the Netherlands, and now owned by the french Altice, was the company to launch the Outstream formats, but they called the format InRead.

Other SSPs came later, like Taboola, Smartclip, AppNexus, and others. Outstream is already a standard format for big publishers, but Google continues with the Beta status. Google differentiation from other SSPs is the power to massify the format across Adsense publishers, but at the moment, the Outstream was only launched across 100 publishers and on Doubleclick for Publishers.