Podcasts: Apple is the leader and Google has the growth potential

Anchor this month published the September stats of players used to listen podcasts. Apple player is driving more listening than all other players combined.

Apple right now has a market share of 52%. The second player is Spotify with 19%. The third player (Stitcher) doesn’t have more than 5% share.

Google Podcasts position on the market share is on the fifth place, tied with Pocket Casts; both players have 0.09% of the market share, while Overcast, on fourth place has 1,4%.

Anchor says this “information not only helps Anchor to optimize the product for the best podcasting experience, but also gives a peek at what’s driving the growth of the entire podcast audience, and what will be most important to listeners in the future.”

Anchor sees a potential for growth in Google Podcasts: “Google is in the position to not only grow their own player’s awareness but awareness of podcasting in general. If and when Google chooses to package Google Podcasts into Android as a first-party experience bundled into the OS, hundreds of millions of people throughout the world who weren’t previously exposed to podcasting would learn about medium very, very quickly.”