Reddit has now native ads available on all platforms

Reddit announced last week the introduction of native ads on the Android apps. Until now Native Ads were available on mobile web, on web, and on iOS. On April 25, native ads were launched on Reddit Android, the only platform without this ad format.

Native ads are seen as the organic posts on Reddit. Reddit says that Promoted Posts on Reddit includes upvotes, downvotes, comment threads. Reddit saw a 300% increase in the click-through rates on the native ad format.

Ad Formats available on Reddit:

  • Native format: Ads look and feel like other posts on Reddit, with a link to the user profile, upvotes, downvotes, and comments, along with a simple label reading “Promoted.”
  • Image ads: Relatively new for Reddit ads and previously only available on mobile web, image ads are now in all of our apps, where around 85% of people view content in card view (i.e., with images expanded in their feed).
  • Video ads: For select managed advertisers, Promoted Posts support video ads to quickly engage a brand’s target audience.