Rubicon Project and Telaria to have a new name in the coming months

Rubicon Project and Telaria to have a new name in the coming months
Rubicon Project and Telaria new name

Rubicon Project this month completed the merger with Telaria. According to Rubicon project, the combined company will launch with a new name in the coming months.

A poll on Adops Reddit resulted in the following names: Oath, The Telaria Project, Rubicon, Rubilaria, and Telaricon.

Rubicon Project and Telaria are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RUBI, and the leadership roles are:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Michael Barrett (Rubicon)
  • President & Chief Operating Officer: Mark Zagorski (Telaria)
  • Chief Technology Officer: Tom Kershaw (Rubicon)
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Erik Hovanec (Rubicon)
  • Chief Revenue Officer: Joe Prusz (Rubicon)
  • Global Head of Buyer Team: Adam Soroca (Rubicon)
  • Chief Marketing Officer: David Hertog (Rubicon)
  • Chief People Officer: Tiffany Francis (Telaria)
  • General Counsel & Corporate Secretary: Aaron Saltz (Telaria)
  • General Counsel, Commercial & Privacy: Eve Filip (Rubicon)
  • General Manager of CTV: Katie Evans (Telaria)

“We are very pleased to begin this new chapter for the combined company,” said Michael Barrett, CEO of Rubicon Project. “Going to market as the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side platform with robust CTV capabilities puts us in a great position to help publishers monetize across all auction types and help buyers safely and efficiently meet their campaign goals.”

“The teams couldn’t be more excited to be joined in a strong and scaled enterprise. As linear TV continues to succumb to accelerated cord-cutting and TV ad dollars shift to digital, CTV is increasingly becoming the ‘go to’ for consumers and advertisers. The combined company is very well positioned to address the demands of marketers seeking a true programmatic omnichannel ad buying opportunity,” added President & COO, Mark Zagorski.

UPDATE: the new name is Magnite.

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