Semrush Global Marketing Day 2023

Semrush Global Marketing Day 2023
Global Marketing Day 2023

Semrush last week announced the days, agenda, and speakers for the Global Marketing Day 2023. The conference is for free and will take place on February 16, beginning at 10 a.m. ET. Registrations are open.

Global Marketing Day 2023 spans non-stop 24 hours, streaming live from three studios in New York, London, and Dubaiand.

Semrush’s conference features 48 sessions with speakers from brands including Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Vogue Business, H&M Americas, Nestle, Vimeo, and Xbox.

According to to Semrush, the event will cover the latest trends and strategies for marketers looking to stay ahead in the industry.

Key speakers

Natalie Zmuda, Global Head of Think with Google at Google [New York]

Josh Hilliard, Global Head of SMB Marketing at TikTok [New York]

Linda Li Steiner, Head of Customer Activation & Marketing for H&M Americas [New York]

Robyn Showers, Head of Content at Vimeo [New York]

Andrew Warden, CMO at Semrush [New York]

Visha Kudhail, Director of Business Marketing, EMEA at Pinterest [London]

Lucy MaGuire, Senior Trends Editor at Vogue Business [London]

Victor de la Fuente Abarca, eCommerce Strategy Consultant at Nestle [London]

Jack White, Integrated Marketing Lead, Football & Special Projects (Xbox) at Microsoft [London]

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