Smaato becomes the first Mobile Bidding Partner in AdX

Smaato will become the first Mobile Bidding Partner in AdX. The news was announced here this week by Smaato. This benefit for opening third-party exchanges into DFP’s Dynamic Allocation is to allow the DFP (Doubleclick for Publishers) ad server to communicate with outside ad exchanges and provide them with the opportunity to bid on every publisher impression in competition with their direct sold campaigns and Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX).

Previously third party demand could only compete with direct campaigns and AdX prices based on an average price manually entered and updated by a publisher.

Google’s response to the Header Bidding?

This Google’s move is seen by the industry as a response by Google to the header bidding. The difference on DFP’s Dynamic Allocation, is that Google Ad Exchange will still have access to the last bidding in the waterfall.

Reduction on page load and increasing demand

According to Google the benefits for the DFP’s Dynamic Allocation are also a lower page load latency and an increasing of the available demand for ad inventory.

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